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i've got such a filthy heart

7/18/09 09:37 pm - inspiration

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7/2/09 03:17 pm - Michael Jackson

"I appreciate that with the inevitable demand for information regarding Michael Jacksons death, pressure is on to come up with something new and fresh that people will be interested in to make them purchase your magazine. I do not, however, condone the use of a paparazzi shot of a dying person on the cover, regardless of who they are.

It is a horrific image and the fact that you used it, let alone pay £500,000 for it, is disgusting, invasive, and shows no respect for who Michael Jackson was as a performer or what he meant to modern music.

I was an occasional reader of your magazine, but will no longer be, and I will tell anybody else who'll listen my opinions on the matter.

I've just e-mailed this to OK! magazine on web.help@express.co.uk, and if you think the fact they put a photograph of a dying person on their cover to sell copy, I suggest you do too.

Anyone that enjoys seeing such things has obviously never experienced any real tradgedy, I'm completely disgusted by this, having watched someone I love die I can't believe they would want anyone else to pay a piece for the privilege of voyeuring into the worst day of some peoples lives.

6/14/09 11:21 pm - prints for sale

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6/12/09 12:01 am - fs; stuff

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this will be irrelevant to all but those saddos like me who are addicted to mtv and e!, but i didn't know that brody jenner (of 'the hills') was bruce jenner's (of 'kardashians' fame) son? sad but true fact of the day. if anyone apart from me even knows who these people are, of course, hah.

3/3/07 04:45 pm - friends only!

friends only!
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