i'm a fucking wildcard! (unicornns) wrote,
i'm a fucking wildcard!

fs; stuff

'pink cupcakes'

'afternoon tea'

'sweet shop window'

'harbour bar sundaes'

'tea at interlude'

all cards are handmade by me, £2.00 each + p&p.

postage is 50p in the uk,
£1.75 elsewhere.
e-mail me at japanesegum [at] hotmail.co.uk or comment here if you're interested.

i'm going to post some prints in the next few days too.

this will be irrelevant to all but those saddos like me who are addicted to mtv and e!, but i didn't know that brody jenner (of 'the hills') was bruce jenner's (of 'kardashians' fame) son? sad but true fact of the day. if anyone apart from me even knows who these people are, of course, hah.
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